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Calin Professional Interest Calculator
  • Calculate interest on multiple transactions, leases, credit cards, store accounts, professional bills,and create sophisticated repayment plans.
  • Perform complex calculations: multiphase interest; discount on future payments; interest on credit and debit balances.
  • Australia Only: Step-by-step process to calculate remission of Income Tax interest, scale costs for Qld Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts, Scale costs for NSW Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts.
Calin Online Interest Calculator
  • Easily roll out an interest calculator for your staff by adding link to staff intranet
  • Detailed audit trail of how credits are applied to pay debit transactions
Calin Basic Interest Calculator
  • Interest on a single amount/simple principal
  • Repayment plans.
Ultimate Date Calculator
  • Calculate the number of days weeks and years between two dates
  • Sort events into date/time order to calculate and print a detailed chronology of dates and events.
  • Calculate the family law superannuation valuation of normal funds and a wide range of specialist funds.
  • CSS (Commonwealth Super Scheme), PSS (Public Service), MSBS (Military), DFRDB (Defence), Unisuper and many more.

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Compare Interest Calculators - Calin Basic Interest Calculator
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Compare Interest Calculators - Calin Online Interest Calculator
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Compare Interest Calculators - Calin Professional Interest Calculator
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  Full particulars of calculations are given so they can be trusted, readily accepted by all stakeholders, and easily charged for by professional advisers Yes Yes Yes
  Guided screen-by-screen ('wizard') interface eliminates learning curve for immediate productivity     Yes
  Provides professional advisers with additional fee-earning potential rather than simply making work easier and more accurate     Yes
Specific Uses
  Calculate interest on simple debts (i.e. a single amount) Yes Yes
  Calculate interest for court claims Yes Yes
  Check for interest overcharged by financial institutions on your credit cards, loans, overdraft and other accounts   Yes
  Calculate interest owed to you on overdue business accounts and fees   Yes
  Landlords precisely calculate interest owed to them by delinquent lessees   Yes
  Calculate interest charged in contracts or imposed under legislation   Yes
  Calculate interest on loans between business partners and directors and their companies   Yes
  Litigators can use highly detailed calculations as a weapon by proposing figures that opponents cannot disprove or cost them too much to check. Can also derail opponent's court action, justify adjournments, buy time etc.     Yes
  Calculate interest on multiple transactions   Yes
  Use sophisticated repayment planner to resolve outstanding debts. You can factor in account moratorium interest rates, ad-hoc payments and allow to skip regular repayments. It then produces a schedule to give the creditor with the amount due on each specific date.     Yes
  Repayment plan calulates what regular payment is needed to reduce the debt to X (amount) by Y (date) Yes   Yes
  Repayment plan takes into account ongoing interest so it isn't lost.     Yes
  Generate list of dates and payment amounts that debtor must comply with.     Yes
  Calculate scale costs for Queensland Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts*1*     Yes
  Calculate scale costs for NSW Local, District and Supreme Courts*2*     Yes
  Calculate Remission of Income Tax interest *3*     Yes
  Seamless multiple-phase interest. Choose different interest rate files and calculation settings (compounding etc) for each phase.     Yes
  User can create their own interest rate files Yes Yes Yes
  Store rates that change from a certain date Yes Yes
  Select interest rate files from easy to use menu Yes Yes
  Adjust prevailing interest rate by plus/minus x% or times N Yes Yes Yes
  Use "simple" interest rate eg 10% Yes Yes
  Store interest rates for reuse Yes Yes
  Easily create custom interest rates based on other stored rates    
  Create ad-hoc rates on the fly & which are saved with the calculation.   Yes
  Specify and store tiered interest rates that change according to the Amount of principal as well as date eg 5% to $5000 then 6% to $20000 etc.     Yes
  Program when interest rate reviews occur rather than assuming that new rates are to be used as soon as a new one is available     Yes
  Separate interest rates for debit and credit balances     Yes
  Advanced rate review settings that can handle all known jurisdictions     Yes
  Included interest rates subscriptions for all Australian Courts*4* Yes Yes Yes
Calculation control
  Specify days-per-year assumption Yes Yes Yes
  Apply daily compound interest Yes Yes
  Say whether first and/or last date is included in the calculation Yes Yes
  Apply multiple interest rates that change on specified dates Yes Yes

Apply interest and compound interest at non-daily intervals eg end of each month

Yes   Yes
  Detailed tracking of credits to particular debit transactions    
  Transactions can include (and skip interest on) items that don't attract interest   Yes
  Specify moratorium interest rates for one or more periods   Yes
  Automatically calculates and inserts recurring dates such as the dates that payments under a loan or lease are due     Yes
  Calculation takes into account transaction due-date (eg 14 days) as well as the nominal date.     Yes
  Automatically discount future payments — for example when calculating interest and principal due under a breached lease.     Yes
Finance Calculations
  Calculate the recurring repayment due on a proposed loan. Yes   Yes
  Produce a schedule of repayments on a mortgage, including the Interest and Principal component of each specific payment. Yes   Yes
  Calculate the Present Value or Future value of an investment or annuity. Yes    
  Date Calculator tab to calculate the number of days, weeks etc between two dates. Yes    

  1. Calin Professional - Queensland Solicitor's Version
  2. Calin Professional - NSW Solicitor's Version
  3. Calin Professional - Australian Tax Accountant Version
  4. Included with Australian Rates Subscription option only